How to select the cruise you want to send to your client?

Previous steps:
    How to add my client to the Dashboard?

On your Dashboard in the top menu, you will see a green button "Plan new cruise". Click it.
Or you can follow the link to plan new cruise
There are two options to select the cruise:
    1) If you already know the cruise departure date, choose "I know the departure date of the cruise". Click it.
    2) If you don`t know the cruise deal you want to send to your client, you can use the Cruise deals search engine

Now you are on the page of the selected cruise deal.
Take a minute to go through the itinerary, click on links that lead to separate pages for each day. The cruise deal you see is not just a simple itinerary with arrival and departure port. The platform creates an ultimate itinerary with all needed information for the cruise, like cruise ship information, deck plans, ports of call description, and top attractions to visit.
On the page of the selected cruise, in the top, you will see an orange button "Select this cruise and customize it for your client". Click it.
By clicking the orange button, the page quickly scrolls down to the block with forms where you can add cruise offers, pricing, excursions, comments, etc.

Save the cruise to your Dashboard or assign it to your client.
In the first form with the navy-color background and title "Select and save the cruise" you need to use the select list and choose the option how you want to save the cruise.
    1) You can save it to your Dashboard
    2) or You can assign it to your client, that you have created in the previous step
After you selected the right option, don`t forget to click the green button "Change option & Save"