How to build my first cruise quote?

If you are looking for a tutorial to build not a quote, but an informational brochure, you are in the right place.
When building both a quote and an informational brochure, you are following the same steps.

Go to your Dashboard (link).
This page is the core of the platform, where you can see your saved cruise itineraries, links to PDF quotes and web views that you`ve built, the list of your clients, and information about the limits (how many quotes you have left according to your subscription plan).
If you have a "Host Agency Account Type", you will also see information about every travel agent you have added to the platform.

Please follow the steps below to build your first cruise quote

Every step is a separate short tutorial. Please click the links below and go through each step.
Add your first client to the Dashboard
Select the cruise you want to send to your client
Add additional information, such as cruise offers, packages, hotels, excursions
Generate the PDF
Send the cruise quote (PDF)