How to add my client to the Dashboard?

Please follow the steps below to create a new client:

Go to your Dashboard (link).
If this is your first time on the platform and you haven`t added any of your clients yet, we recommend to do it before building a cruise quote.
In the next steps, you`ll be able to save the selected cruise to your client, change the status of the offer, manage and control how many clients you have, etc.
We don`t collect or share your clients` personal information. It is up to you to fill in the form with your real client`s name or use a fictitious name.
If you don`t wat to add your clients to the platform, you can skip this step. When building a cruise quote, you`ll be able to save it to your Dashboard without assigning it to a client. On your Dashboard in the top menu, you will see a blue button "Add new client". Click it.
Or you can follow the link to add new client
When adding a new client, you can save any additional information about the client in the notes field and choose how many people are going to the cruise.
For group bookings, you are creating only one client record and planning only one cruise quote. And then you send the quote to all members of the group.